Fresnel, Augustin

   Born in Chambrais (today Broglie), Augustin Fres-nel, after studying the ideas of the British physicist Tomas Young on luminescent interferences, developed, with François arago, the theory of phenomena. Fresnel also studied light refraction and made a significant presentation of his ideas to the Academy of Sciences in 1819. The creator of modern optics, he expanded on the area of the Newtonian theories of light, establishing the basis, too, for crystalline optics. He studied polarization and discovered the existence of transversal vibrations. After some resistance to his views within the scientific community, his theories were confirmed in 1950 in experiments done by léon foucault. Additionally, Fresnel developed a lighting system that considerably augmented the luminescent power of lighthouses (1821). He was named to the Academy of Sciences in 1823.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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